Charles V Palace
alhambra, granada

The Charles V Palace Alhambra

Build with the Emperor and his family’s need to have a location to enjoy the summer. the Charles V Palace, was created to make the most of shaded areas and open spaces to provide the greatest combat against the day heat.

The Charles V Palace

Pedro Machuca was the architect in charge of building this beautiful renaissance inspired palace. It’s design was to made the most of the wonders of the Charles V Palace. Started in 1527, it was not finished until 1957. Due to financial issues and social unrest, the work went through processive stages.

On several occassions the structure of the palace had to be redone, and changed due to damage during construction. When Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor decided to build his residence in the Palace, there had already been Catholic Monarchs who had renovated rooms in the Alhambra shortly after the conquest of Granada in 1492. The emporer intended to build a residence befitting of man of his status.

Until that time spanish architecture was heavily influenced by Plateresque styles with its Gothic origin. The new architect want to draw on the Italy culture to inspire the new Alhambra Palace.

The Patio

The circular patio has also two levels. The lower consists of a Doric colonnade of conglomerate stone, with an orthodox classical entablature formed of triglyphs and metopes. The upper floor is formed by a stylized Ionic colonnade whose entablature has no decoration. This organisation of the patio shows a deep knowledge of Roman architecture, and would be framed in pure Renaissance style but for its curved shape, which surprises the visitor entering from the main fa├žades. The interior spaces and the staircases are also governed by the combination of square and circle. Similar aesthetic devices would be developed in the following decades under the classification of Mannerism.

The palace was never completed, and remained roofless until the late twentieth century.

alhambra, granada

Charles V

The Charles V Palace with its circular inner patio is the most importance Renaissance style structure in Spain.While only the south and west facing walls are decorated, with the highest area being 17 meters high. The north and south sides are connecting to Palace to the other palaces of the Alhambra.

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alhambra, granada

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