Justice Tower
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The Main Gate Justice Tower

The Justice Tower or Justice Gate as its commonly called is for many visitors to main access they will use to enter the Alhambra Palace.

The Justice Tower

Located at the southern rampart of the fortress, the Justice Tower is next to Charles V Pillar and is one of the main entrances to the Alhambra Palace. The Tower was built by Yusuf I and was called the Bib Axarea or esplanade’s gate.

Once passed the first arch is the inner gate, and another arch with the following declaration “Allah is great. There is no other God than Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. There is no force but in God “.

On the main lintel is a key on a cord which symbolises the power of Mohammed to open or close the gates of heaven, according to the Koran.Then in paradox in the upper nice is an image of the Virgin Mary with the enfant Jesus with is a reproduction of the original from the FIne Arts Museum.

The front of the tower has a huge arch with a vaulted lintel with a marble hand of fatima. This hand of fatima is from islamic culture and considered a charm against the evil eye. The hand of Fatima has five fingers representing the five pillars of Islam: Submission to the will of God, Daily prayer, Ramadan, Charity and Pilgrimage to Mecca.

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