La Casa Real The old La Casa Real

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the famous Alhambra in Granada, Spain, the construction of the palaces (called La Casa Real Vieja, “old Royal House or Palace”) dates back to the 14th century and is the work of two great kings: Yusuf I and Muhammed V.

Royal House La Casa Real

La Casa Real is comprised of several palace groups with a series of courts and structures surrounding them which were born out of transitory or ornamental necessity. Since the 16th century these “Nasrite alcázares” (palaces) have been designated the “Casa Real Vieja” (Old Royal House) in order to distinguish them from the Christian buildings.

The Mexuar

This name is given to all Nazari palaces. It can be divided into three main categories, The Mexuar or Meshwar, the Comares Palace, the Palace of the Lions, and in addition the later Christian buildings.

The Mexuar was where matters concerning the administration of justice were dealt with. This is the first thing you will see when you enter the area, and one of the most affected by the Christians following their arrival.

The Alhambra contains the three divisions usually found in a Moslem palace, including a reception salon and the royal apartments Chamber of the Lions. This spectacular chamber is the work of Muhammed V and illustrates the most beautiful possibilities of Granada Moslem art. Throughout this chamber a subtle air of femininity and daintiness is sensed, in keeping with the function of these private apartments, devoted to the placid enjoyment of home and family life.

La Casa Real

The Court of the Lions

The Court of the Lions is a  merging of East and West around the central fountain. The twelve-sided marble fountain rests upon the backs of twelve lions. The soft trickle of Water is the key decorative element to this unique and magical area. The fountain has been compared with the ‘sea of bronze‘ of Solomon’s Temple. A “Gasida” (short poem) by Ibn Zamrak circles the rim of the basin.

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