The Aljibes
Alhambra Palace

The Square of the Cisterns The Aljibes

The Aljibes means the square of the water tanks and are large deposits for water storage within the Alhambra.

Plaza de los Aljibes

Named after Count of Tendilla cisterns built in 1494. The cisterns are 6 meters wide and 8 meters high. They run a length of 34 meters creating a separation between the Palaces and the Alcazaba.

The visitors can view the city, the Albaicin and the Sacromonte from this amazing square with the Wine Gate on one side and the Palacio de Carlos V.

The Water Stores

Next to the Puerta del Vino and the Torre de la Vela you come to a large open space known as the Plaza de los Aljibes. This means the square of the water tanks. Aljibes are large deposits for water storage They are typical in Granada. Still many of them can be found in the Alhambra and Albaicin neighbourhoods. In 1494, the Count of Tendilla built a 34 metre long water tank under this square. Years ago there used to be a kiosk on the square which handed out glasses of drinking water from the underground cistern to thirsty visitors. Now there is a kiosk here but unfortunately just selling beer and ice cream.


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