The Wine Gate Puerta del Vino

Supposed to be one of the oldest constructions of the Alhambra, it could date from the period of Mohammed II. Located inside the Plaza de los Aljibes, it may once have been the gates to close the square at night.

wine gate alhambraThe Wine Gate

According to legend the name is the result of a mistake. This happen when two words got mixed up: Bib al-hamra, meaning Red Gate or Gate to the Alhambra, which was the original name of the gate, and Bib al-jamra, meaning Wine Gate. This was originally the gate to the higher section of the Alhambra.

The Façades

The exterior façade of the gate is the oldest part with a pointed horseshoe arch and embossed voussoirs. This voussoir has a symbolic key with a cord on the lintel with a plasterboard reading Glory to our Master the Sultan Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Gani Billah. The façade has a twin balcony.

On the interior façade has an arch with scallop with coloured bricks. On the arch there is a lintel with voussoirs. On the arch, visitors can see the coat of arms of the Nasrid kings with the inscription Only God is Victor.

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